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sogni d oro

I like how no one noticed the contradiction here lol the quote is when all else fails take a nap then right under it it says quotes~live life to the fullest shouldn't live life to the fullest go along with I can sleep when I'm dead not take a nap lol

sleeping baby ( in pink)

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Love Teddy Bear Wallpapers

Love Teddy Bear Wallpapers

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Sleeping And Cuddling with toys. Marie I bet you wanna cuddle every one :D cute puppies. Puppies cuddling with their stuffed animals during nap time.


MAKING CHRISTMAS COOKIES. We need a photo of the baby girl helping with our Christmas cookies.I need to do a little pre-planning for the photos I want to get this year.

Comforting Rainbow

Art created from the manipulation of two or more photographic images combined in whole or in part to create something new

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