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Il lato luminoso dei terrible twos | Autosvezzamento.it

Il lato luminoso dei terrible twos

Cold chickens.....when to use heat lamp?

OK, I have a flock of 16 chickens (RIR, SLW, & EE) that are almost 9 months old. I lock them up tight in their coop every night for protections from.

Can I keep my chicken and ducks in the same pin

[IMG] I was wondering if I can put my Blue Swedish Duck in the same coop/fence with my Barred Rock Chicken? They are both breeding pairs!

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Raising Chickens 101 - For Beginners ! | The Homestead Survival

Gain homesteading information onraising chickens. Learn the different body parts of a living chicken, what equipment is needed to raise them, how they beha

What breeds have protective roosters?

I know that Wyandottes and Rhode Island Reds are said to be good roosters, but what other breeds are there, known for caring for their girls?