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Wallpaper and background photos of Paul Stanley for fans of Paul Stanley images.

tumblr_ox3sklXj3c1slwqaco5_500.jpg (500×500)

tumblr_ox3sklXj3c1slwqaco5_500.jpg (500×500)

Paul Stanley of KISS.... I don't care what anyone says. He was/is hot to me!

Christie Eliezer of Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with KISS frontman Paul Stanley and bravely asked if he wears a wig.

Damn... Sexy Paul Stanley

Damn... Sexy Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley  Kiss

Paul Stanley Kiss



LOVED those scruffy-faced days! - Paul Stanley

It's like having to choose between bearded Paul McCartney or shaved, except with Paul Stanley.

Kiss Band | Paul Stanley Kiss original band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley ...

Paul Stanley in Kiss Alive Tour in Canada

Kiss original band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are joined by new members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer for the Kiss Alive 35 Tour.

Paul Stanley

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