RÄCKA/HUGAD Set bastone per tenda doppio - IKEA

RÄCKA / HUGAD Combinazione bastone tenda doppio, nero

awesome curtain rods - easy to have sheers under curtains this way! livingroom/our bedroom - RÄCKA/HUGAD Double curtain rod set - IKEA

RÄCKA/HUGAD Triple curtain rod set - IKEA $27.84, blackout curtain, translucent, non translucent

RÄCKA / HUGAD Triple curtain rod combination, silver color

IKEA - RÄCKA / HUGAD, Triple curtain rod combination, You can combine three layers of curtains, both thick and thin, using the triple rod.

DIY conduit curtain rod ahttp://sincerelysaturday.com/diy-curtain-rods/t

DIY double industrial conduit curtain rod.

Note conduit rods will need to unscrewed to remove curtains if using this method, but like the double rod DIY industrial double conduit curtain rod - Sincerely Saturday


DIY Back Tab Curtains

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. I've been contemplating how to make my new curtains for our master, and this timely post came to my inbox showing just exactly how to do it the way I wanted!