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Anime picture original single tall image short hair looking at viewer highres blonde hair simple background purple eyes bare shoulders nail polish grey background upper body lipstick portrait hand on cheek holding arm orange lipstick girl 535229 en

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This anime woman is truly beautiful - kudos to the artist for the detail of the reflection.

Say'ri of Fire Emblem: Awakening


Learn about Say'ri, one of the dozens of unique characters in Fire Emblem Awakening—only for Nintendo

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액션중독! - 최강의군단 : 액션중독! - 최강의군단. I love anime art.

Trickster team member: Rain -- the one that is cute and sweet, but Andrew warns Aury not to get too close too; she is the absent kind of personality, actually is a creature that leaches/hijacks bodies?

Liane Mistlud / Atelier Firis

Source: Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey Characters: Liane Mistlud Artist: NOCO Size: