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Miért jobb a csoki a férfiaknál?  A csokizásnál nem szólnak meg, ha friss, vagy régi csokoládéval csokizol.

Death Note - Near, Mello, and L <<< this captures their personalities perfectly

M (Mail Jeevas) , M (Mihael Keehl) , L (L Lawliet) & N (Nate River) - Death Note

Matt (Mail Jeevas) , Mello (Mihael Keehl) , L (L Lawliet) & Near (Nate River) - Death Note

L, M y N ♡

メロLニアつむつむ by こごめ (? somebody, correct me, please) Owww. I just love…

"Death Note" (My rating: 6) High schooler becomes serial killer who kills criminals and then goes insane. And there's a Shinigami who likes apples for some reason. (Maturity Rating: 17+)

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Lawliet-light-mello-near || Death Note

IM ALSO ON THE PHOTO but you know, I got too emotional and ehhehe, I am just.laying on the floor in my nosebleed