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Red tailed hawk - my animal totem- she visited me on 10/30/13- 1 Universal Day :-)

Red tailed hawk, a long time ago my dad found an injured hawk (someone had shot it). We rescued it and nursed it back to health then set it free. Needless to say, I'm pretty fond of these birds

Wings of a Red Tailed Hawk.

Wings of a Red Tailed Hawk Greeting Card by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

I love hawks! The red tail hawk is gorgeous, but not so much when he's after my chickens!

The hawk London got her DNA from, a red tailed hawk, she always wears a feather in her hair.

Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) from Alaska and Canada, south to Panama and the West Indies Mehr

20 Marvelous Pictures of Hawks - http://www.allnewhairstyles.com/20-marvelous-pictures-of-hawks.html

The beautiful Red-tailed Hawk that uses the land we live on as part of its hunting ground.

Bald eagle flying

The African fish eagle, a specie I am not too familiar with, but what a lovely bird.

Red Tailed Hawk in flight, i.d.'d Connecticut state Forest, Seymour, Connecticut, December 22, 1998

Red Tailed Hawk in flight, i.'d Connecticut state Forest, Seymour, Connecticut, December 1998

Red-Tailed Hawk

ᎧįᎦεaนx ∂є ᕈяᎧɨᏋ (Young Red-Tailed Hawk by Michael Richards)

Red Tailed Hawk We have those here and they are fun to watch as they hunt.

Red Tailed Hawk This hawk stalks the hedge where many baby birds arrive. It is also 'a bird of interest' in the disappearance of our little Eastern Screech Owls.