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description of a welder Underwater Welder: Requirements, Job Duties, and Salary

Underwater welding job. Doing a patch repair.

Underwater welding is a challenging and rewarding career for the certified welder diver.

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Wet welding inside the water which is commonly called as underwater welding. The process includes scuba diver to made welds on underwater structures and an operator manage the operation by sitting on.

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underwater welding – American Welding Society a dream that was so close but now will never be so far away

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Psomakara Divers: Underwater Welding

Underwater welding is the ideal solution for repairing damage to vessels with ruptures and cracks because it combines speed with low cost repair.



Actually this one is the condition when a scuba welder makes weld direct into the water. The picture shows two welders welding on pipe with waterproof setup.


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Underwater Welding is a COOL job. But there are many other skills you would need to learn to go along with arc welding skills.