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"Nobody's gonna touch this dagger but me" - Dark Swan and Regina #OnceUponATime

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Regina and Snow || I love their relationship (or actually....Regina's nasty behavior towards Snow ☺️) #evilregal #OUAT

Awesome young Evil Queen Regina and young Snow (top) Evil Queen Regina and Snow (middle) Regina and Snow (bottom) (Lana Ginny Bailee Madison) in awesome Eps of Once

Emma Swan and Regina - 5 * 2 "The Price"

Awesome Regina and Emma (Lana and Jen) in Camelot in the awesome Once aired Sunday

I really want to see hooks back story. Can you imagine hook as a child!

Can you imagine Hook as a child!←You are old, Hook like 300 +years !

SwanQueen Family

Once upon a time - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - OUAT - Lana Parrilla - Regina Mills - Evil Queen - Swan Queen // oh look theres my mom

Regina vs evil queen. Still amazes me how amazing of an actress she is... She changes between the evil queen and the Regina with a heart by merely changing her facial expressions... How does she do that?

The road there was long and paved with tragedy. The way back will be that much harder, but your way will be lit with hope and you will never walk alone.

OUAT Regina and Snow White parallels

Wow, see she relates happiness to others sorrow because of her heartless mother. I love Regina.

robin des bois et regina

Once Upon A Time - Regina Mills & Robin Hood - Outlaw Queen

Regina and Robin - 4 * 7 "Family Business." #OutlawQueen

we're about to storm an evil ice cream truck, Robin! That's the truth // Regina and Robin - 4 * 7 "Family Business.

Regina and Rocinante, whose heart she tried to use to enact the curse, the thing the evil queen loved second most.  Always sad to me that she doesn't ride anymore

Her Majesty, Queen Regina Mills on "Once Upon A Time" 💅 Lana Parrilla