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Cheat Sheet: Types of guinea pigs. My Meeko is a brindle Abyssinian. - Lol idk why i felt the need to pin this, but it may be necessary one day.

Who doesn't like snuggling with a teddy bear? So sweet.

You know how much I like to say awww! 😍🐻 As if guinea pigs weren't cute enough on their own: Sleeping guinea pig holding it's teddy bear

DIY Guinea pig small pet beds $4. Dollar Tree Supplies: Drawer Organizer (2 per pack), (2) Car washing mits, Dish towels (2 per pack) +Scrap stuffing (pillows, old pet beds) Stuff and sew closed the car mits Cut, stuff and sew closed the dish towels for pillows, use excess for "blanket" they will love to toss around. Affordable. Washable, customizable!

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas That Make A Statement!

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93a2deb97df670531975f421825f8418.jpg 736×981 pixels