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0 a deveriam pokemon

Fotos que comprovam que Pokémons deveriam existir

The Poke-vengers!

The Avengers and Pokemon. I never thought it was possible.

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:(  I'm fairly certain if this were Oh Mother, I'd be curled up in a ball weeping.

Oh Father

Oh my goodness. the father is a DITTO! And is the best parent ever! THE FEELS! I didn't realize until the end it was a ditto! At first I was like, what is up with all these other Pokemon are they his friends?

Probably one of the coolest realistic Pokemon albums I've seen. ( by Simon Gangl )

Probably one of the coolest realistic Pokemon albums. mime is the stuff of nightmares! ( by Simon Gangl…

Love pikachu wearing his hat in the last panel XD "Its mine, Its finally mine"

cute Pokemon comic 030 I love how Red's facial expression is the same no matter what happened.