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Case sottosopra: abitazioni da far girare la testa!

People look at an “Upside Down House” attraction displayed at the VVTs the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow. (Photo by Yuri Kochetkov/EPA)

there is such a house in Getorff, Germany which has been gaining a lot of attention from the tourists around the world. Standing on a pointed roof, this house is totally upside down, from its exteriors to the sofas in the living room inside


The house earthen: The architect colombian sessantaquattrenne ottavio mendoza has literally cooked his house near the town villa de leyva, In colombia, and not in case the calls ' the greatest piece of pottery in the world '.

This upside-down building known as 'Crazy House' was built in ...

Quirky properties around the world: would you live in a house like this?

This is the wrong way to flip houses in this market. #UglyHome

The building of the tent-roofed structures began within this era. Some buildings utilize several colors to earn strong contrast. A lot of these buildings may be found in the majority of ancient Greek cities. The most important building was constructed …

cabane d'enfant / wildhoneypie

cabane d'enfant / wildhoneypie

The D*Haus Company Limited - Project - The D*Haus Dynamic - Image-5

The D*Haus Company, an architectural design firm launched by UK-based designers David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson, has conceptualized an experimental house called D*Dynamic that is able to reconfigure itself into eight different shapes.

Casa mobile su ruote in legno 01

Case Mobili su Ruote in Legno: 4 Progetti Compatti ed Economici

american web designer alek lisefski has finished a small house on wheels to live in as part of the 'tiny project less house more life'.

Backyard Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2014 : Dream Home : Home & Garden Television

Dream Home 2014 Backyard

Excessive moisture means wear and tear. To combat rust and corrosion, exterior steel accents are coated in a layer of matte lacquer to maintain the dark surface.

Chalet in Krkonoše / Znameni Ctyr Architekti | AA13

Chalet in Krkonoše / Znameni Ctyr Architekti

illustration | The Khooll

Antonio Basoli was an Italian artist that lived between the and the century working mostly in Bologna. Among other things, he created these beautiful architectural alphabet engravings called Alfabeto Pittorico.