Mickey Rooney & Ava Gardner: "The smallest husband I ever had, and the biggest mistake" was Ava's description of Mickey Rooney, who’d once been Hollywood’s top box-office draw.

Ava Gardner and Clark Gable on the set of Lone Star (1952)

Ava Gardner and Clark Gable on the set of "Lone Star" - Ava plays a newspaper woman in this film so I'm sure you know how much she hated this role!

Wayne Miller Melbourne AUSTRALIA. Gregory PECK and Ava GARDNER during the filming of On the Beach by Stanley KRAMER. 1959.

Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck on the set of ‘On the Beach’, Australia, Photo by Wayne Miller.

Ava Gardner, 1944via allthroughthenightb

I adore Ava Gardner. I find her one of the most incredible actresses to have graced the silver screen as well as my style icon solely based .