ballerina slippers!

So dance started yesterday. 2 sets of planks. 4 sets of splits held 2 minutes each. As you can see, I can barely walk today.

Ballet shoes

sometimes i miss dancing so much, it hurts! I miss wearing pointe shoes and sewing on the ribbons. the sore that can only come from a really tough class.

the ballet

An entry from note to self

Now married to the man of my dreams.Ballet dancer and teacher. And yes I am a man en pointe.Graduated from ballet school in 2011 Russian living in Australia.

Ballet beauty from oncewed

New York City Ballet Dancer Samantha Lowery in a Ballet-Inspired Wedding Shoot by Amy Osaba

pointe shoes all tied up.... I can't wait for mine to be dead so I can show off their beauty by hanging them up.

Always wanted to learn pointe.just need someone to teach me.My comment: you don't simply learn pointe