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Sherlock #fanmade #LOL #funny

Sherlock #fanmade #LOL #funny

For the Sherlock fans out there...

For the Sherlock fans out there…


In a Sign of Four they literally were looking for a dwarf because he would have to be small enough to go through the window and such. <<<< *sign of THREE, and it was a joke about the dwarf?

You can see his eyes light up with the crazy

Brilliant acting, this can be somewhat accomplished at home if you can concentrate on dilating your pupils to get that murderous glint.

Lestrade is tumblr

Okay, I don't get this kind of thing, so if someone could explain to me just how Sherlock hurt John, that'd be awesome. <---Why don't you watch the Episode again

Ben and martin

Funny pictures about An adorable picture. Oh, and cool pics about An adorable picture. Also, An adorable picture.

sherlock lilac

Sherlock Holmes will solve your murder and will always be there for you, the three of you. But he's also one heck of a wedding planner. <--- Consulting wedding planner :D