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Sherlock #funny

"The second Silly Hat Day was just as much of a bomb as the first. -- Sherlock and John do silly hat day. Poor John (lovely hat though).

The script didn't call for it, but you can see how relaxed these two are. ❤️

The thing that most american sherlockians don't realize is, in England "trousers" are "pants", and "pants" are "underwear". John isn't talking about Sherlock's pants he's talking about his underwear. One of my favorite scenes.

Me encanta.   SEA

Sapiosexual the very definition of Irene Adler.<< No wonder I relate so much to Irene Adler.

Oh funny Sherlock jokes. Haha. :((((  "What's your favorite ten episodes of Sherlock?"

horrible things<--Poor girl has a horrendous crush on Sherlock and he always puts his foot in his mouth. Other times he's sweet with her but he uses that info of her having a crush on him to his advantage for info on some dead victim.

PLOT TWIST: Sherlock is Loki's half brother.

Sherlock and Loki. Loki and Sherlock. I want it. And I saw a sneak peek of season 4 and I'm pretty sure I saw Tom Hiddleston in there (actor that plays Loki)

Sherlockians: So insane even the insane don't want to claim us....


I've been sitting here looking like im choking for 10 minutes because im laughing so hard and my mom looks like she's ready to give me a heimlich<--this comment XD

And honey you should see me in a crown

There will come a day when I don't love ruining hipster things. actually, no, I will always enjoy it.<--- honey you should see me in a crown

Sherlock Holmes has a witty personality that is seen in most modern adaptations. This personality type is humorous to the audience and keeps their attention.

Sherlock: Here you are John, nice hot cup of coffee. John: It’s cold. Sherlock: Nice cup of coffee. John: It’s horrible. Sherlock: Cup of coffee. John: I’m not even sure it is coffee.