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Shawn proposing to Juliet! Ahahah crying so hard at this point! Psych Shules <<< And then the ring gets stolen.

Psych | Cinnamon festival... I love this episode

Laugh of the day! Shawn Spencer And Burton Guster, a couple guys with a passion for truth and cinnamon. "The Cinnamon Festival -Dual Spires Parody"

Best friends <3

Shawn Spencer & Burton "Gus" Guster, my favorite BrOTP, from the American TV series "Psych"

Lol! One of my favorite psych quotes "who does that?!"

Shawn: All right, I'm sorry, no offense, but it's STUPID that you people eat food this hot. (Everyone stares at him.) Shawn: (to Abigail) I said "no offense", right?

Gus is a sympathetic crier

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Not exactly an inspiration quote like the others. But it is a quote from Psych…

Shawn and Gus moment "somebody forgot their courageous juice this morning!

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I Love How Lassie Treats Jules As A Younger Sister/ Confidante/ Best Friend That He Needs To Protect.and also how thrilled he would be to shoot Shawn ;

ha.ha.ha.ha. their faces.

Psych Season Three Episode Any Given Friday Night at Central