Venice in Winter

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Time for Christmas - would be a gorgeous image for couple's session in downtown port!

Downtown Traverse City in looks like this picture was taken in the winter.i've been in downtown traverse city before which is very nice,but never in the winter.


Photo (It'sOnlyNatural by kathy)


I don't normally hanker after cold holidays, but I have to go here! This looks beautiful - Hallstatt, Austria - Winter

City Snow(;

Love these beautiful light filled trees. Just the way Christmas should be.All this picture needs is George Bailey running and saying, "Merry Christmas! A beautiful New England Holiday!

Snowy Night, Moscow, Russia

Snowy Night, Moscow, Russia Being there in winters would be just amazing.

Venice in Winter

Venice in winter. Wow, all that magic in one place. Let's do Christmas in Venice. And winter is good because the canals are not so fragrant.