disneyink: I got this peter tattoo for my tattoo. it took my dad a lot of convincing but even then. but i just decided to get it done. It was done by Brodie at Xtreme Ink, Geelong, Victoria Australia :)

Pocahontas Disney tattoo

My tattoo artist and I chose this tattoo and modified it accordingly, as we initially found the basic tattoo design online, but made it my own by adding the necklace! And when money allows, the wind and coloured leaves and red lips will be added!

I would NEVER get a Frozen tattoo, but this one is pleasing to the eye.

I thought I would never get a tattoo, but this one is pleasing to the eye and I am started to think about a Frozen tattoo too

mickey mouse head tattoos - Google Search

Found this in F-ya Tattoos, done by my pal Betsy at Pepper Shade Tattoo Shop in Charleston, SC.