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Robert Downy Jr. as Sherlock Holmes

Here's a shot of Robert Downey Jr. on the set of his upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie.

Freakin adoreable.  But really, have these kids seen Wayne's World?  It's like that pageant mom who dressed her girl up as Pretty Woman...

Wayne’s World, Party Time, Excellent! I love wayne's world, and have a blond and brunett child! Why didn't I think of this! NEXT HALLOWEEN!

Sherlock: The Return of Sherlock Holmes als eBook

Today’s Nook Daily Find is six Sherlock Holmes novels by Arthur Conan Doyle, published by Ebury Publishing, in association with the current BBC series. These are mostly price matched on Kindle

The Doctor dressed as Sherlock. Your argument is invalid.LOL!- Steampunk

The Doctor emulates London's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. A neat little nod to Steven Moffat who writes for DW and "Sherlock" and a nod to the fourth doctor, who also pulled this stunt in the same time period in a classic who episode.

Sherlock Holmes

Holmes in his ‘purple smoking jacket of sex’ & the deerstalker and traveling cloak - Promo pictures for Sherlock ‘The Abominable Bride - Added a new pic of Holmes in his dressing gown - (x) (x) (x).


nixxie-fic: “ Brand New Sherlock Abominable Bride Picture - (x) Found out this new pic was from Empire magazine, so got my carer to go grab one & scanned it in. I’ve cleaned it up as much as is poss.