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Argentina based design studio Minga, recently produced this series of superb minimalist posters, each featuring those not so small and very unexpected even

On connait tous la célèbre image de la "marche de l’évolution" qui retrace 25 millions d'années d’évolution aboutissant aux progrès de l'homme moderne. Le studio français Maentis l'a adaptée pour montrer les 99 pro...

L’évolution de l’Homme détournée de 99 façons dans des illustrations inventives et satiriques


"WTF" la sigla virale diventa poster - Repubblica.it


30 graphic designers to follow on Behance

Argentina-based Minga Creative - Studio came out with a funny and creative posters idea. They called the project "WTF?" and after gaining success had to even make an addition of WTF

Nuclear Evolution. A little science humor.

This PSA has sort of a comedic effect on how nuclear warfare can have a serious effect on our evolutionary process.

After all these years, The Simpsons still make me laugh

37 typography posters by Jerod Gibson

Typography - Minimalist Simpsons - This image uses mostly 'bold' words and all capitals to grab the viewer's eyes. The D'OH and Bart! words stick out, and along with the bottom saying 'Simpsons' in all caps, the viewer gets the jist of the message.

ha, reach ever higher! right? (Estudio Minga)

Cleverly Hilarious WTF Posters By Estudio Minga, a creative studio based in Argentina.

Love Illustration in Nerds Style

When you're in love, things might get fuzzy, your thoughts get disarrayed, and you might not be able to think straight. But when nerdy geeks fall in love, things somehow get clearer; as illustrated by these lovely 8 illustrations by Nicole Martinez.

Hilarious WTF Posters By Estudio Minga

Hilarious WTF Posters By Estudio Minga


Cleverly Hilarious WTF Posters By Estudio Minga, a creative studio based in Argentina.

человек, которого вы любите, - это вода

person you love is water is a poster and book by Teagan White, based on a quote from “The Art of Looking Sideways” by Alan Fletcher. Check also her other works, they’re amazing…

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