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#futuro #41 : las ciudades son tan grandes y como ya usamos miniaeronaves como carros, hay un submundo underground, diferenciado de la urbe nice mas aerospacial

Cyberpunk, Cyber City, Futuristic Architecture, Future, Sci-Fi City by Ferdinand Ladera.

City Fly by Jeronimo Gomez

City Fly by Jeronimo Gomez

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Futuristic, China Town, Cyberpunk, Future City, Rainy city by ~rhinoting on…

#Cyberpunk girl with a cyborg looking Angelina Jolie affect

Jacqueline Nought Mass Effect Cosplay ~ Post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk Avant-Garde Fashion

Project-77-Martin-Deschambault_04a.jpg (680×932)

Concept art for a very interesting project by our friend Martin Deschambault. Keywords: personal project 77 concept art by co.

Over at Dead End Thrills, screenshot specialist Duncan Harris has turned his eye on the striking sci

Over at Dead End Thrills, screenshot specialist Duncan Harris has turned his eye on the striking sci-fi fantasy Remember Me. Head on over there for some screenshots so high-res they look like concept art.

The utopia doesn't have to be in a different world or on another planet or in a VR world it can also happen to be on the same level as the normal world.

Yuri Gvozdenko is an illustrator and animator and some of his work includes scenes of Hong Kong and futuristic scenes of a cyber city where there will be such dense cities where bridges to different building will be necessary.

More Artworks And Tutorials: https://www.facebook.com/lapukacom  This artwork does not belong to me! I post it because I find it fascinating. Some of my original art can be found at http://lapuka.com

Android Wallpaper, Theme, Background of Future Futuristic City for your Android Phones.

District 75 by Stefan Morrell | 3D | CGSociety

Today we've dedicate this new selection to all sci-fi environments. Meet the the wonderful futuristic art of Stefan Morell


Love the color and contrast. I need to learn to go more simple with light and dark like this guy did--I mean all the light is in just one area and it slowly gradates away.