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Maximilian Pegasus and his toon monsters! I absolutely love this. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Maximilian Pegasus and His Toon Monsters [ aw, I love toon monsters!

Puedes parecer feroz pero he aprendido a quererte, hemos compartido tantos momentos juntos que parece como si te conociera desde siempre                  ~ Seto & Blue Eyes White Dragon ~

I can look strong but I have learned to love, we shared many moments together that it seems as if I've known you forever ~ Seto & Blue Eyes White Dragon ~

tumblr_ljukjpDzWY1qeq2k3o1_500.png (167×750)

I must say that this is definitely my favorite moment of ALL 5 Seasons hahahahahahahahaha.


Team Voltron in Suits - by geckostuffs << I love that Lance's tie is undone