Patti Jordan "Hang-Tail" (Biconical 015)  2014 Ink, Graphite & Rubber Latex on Paper 26in x 28in

Patti Jordan "Hang-Tail" (Biconical 2014 Ink, Graphite & Rubber Latex on Paper x

Patti Jordan ~ Dis-Splay (Invert 011), 2011 (ink and graphite on paper)

Patti Jordan - Dis-Splay (Invert 2011 - Ink and graphite on paper

"Lap-Wing" Patti Jordon

Patti Jordan - Works - Drawings -Ink & Graphite on Paper / Digital Print x

"Swag-Tail" (Viscera 013) 2011 Ink and Graphite on Paper by Patti Jordan

Patti Jordan, I like how these delicate drawings look like photos of ink in water as there are such unusual shapes in the drawings

"Shank" (Viscera 011)

Patti Jordan - Works - Drawings 2010 Ink & Graphite on Paper x 18

11.17.                                                  來此世間一趟,天天累得够嗆。             所以經常做梦,梦中活在雲上。

11.17. 來此世間一趟,天天累得够嗆。 所以經常做梦,梦中活在雲上。

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