Aleirn by on @deviantART

Silven Unranked female warrior Water manipulation She is sweet and loving and a bit obcessed with Phantom.

Rodeo by on @deviantART

I made digital art? Finally a new pic of Kirobi He's my favourite, for over 9 years! - i hate the paws, but I was sick of working on it, lol Kirobi (c) Vanessa Hughes, 2011

Contest: (CLOSED)Name my wolf for art by on @deviantART

Lily: A flirt, kind, strong, pretty (Type: Rainbow wolf (Mate: None

It's quite mysterious that me and ShadeofShinon have known each other like... 15 years and even then we don't draw each other. And we are good friends. It's fine for me, our friendship isn't about ...

My half of an art trade with of her character Nova. as soon as I saw her name, I knew I had to do something space themed >u< I'm really happy with how this came out although I'm too sure abou.

you are the moon by azzai

((im the smaller wolf(female, named SnowSeeker). i need the larger wolf aka Male Alpha.)) I can't believe im actually spending time with the alpha! I just got back from a mission and the alpha called to have time with me.