Old Stone Barn!

An old stone barn falls into disrepair, but still hints at its glory days.

The Annala Round Barn in Iron County is one of Wisconsin's most distinctive rural buildings.

Annala Round Barn~Iron County~Wisconsin~one of the most distinctive, historic stone barns in the State

FARMHOUSE – BARN – vintage early american barn commonly used for storing farm equipment, storage of harvested crops, or providing shelter for livestock.

This would be a perfect house. A barn in my gorgeous Bitterroot Valley of Montana that I pass on my way to town every day. From talented photographer: ©Mark Mesenko

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Round All Stone Barn. If you get a chance to go inside a round barn, do it!

Obviously an old barn - but where is it located?

Ten-sided barn with stone foundation in Cottonwood County, Minnesota, USA, 1911