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Nudibranch in Padangbai - Bali

Photo of a Coryphellina exoptata(Scientific Name) Nudibranch(Common Name) shotted in Padangbai, Bali with a Olympus Corporation camera

Nudibranch    ;)

Tritonia Nudibranch, I love all of the feathery gills everywhere, they look like little plant roots or veins

Baeolidia species 3 Anilao, Philippines 2005 Nikon D70, Nikkor 105, Aquatica Housing, Ikelite DS 125 dual strobes ISO 200, F/20, 1/125 by Joey Alford

Nudibranch baeolidia species with striking color pattern. Photo taken at Anilao, Philippines with Nikon Nikkor Aquatica Housing, Ikelite DS 125 dual strobes ISO by Joey Alford

Flabbelina Nudi. By bversteegh

Flabbelina Nudi: Macro shots from Raja Ampat Indonesia. Welcome to the Scuba Toys Photo Gallery.

Baeolidia sp.

Makes me think of cotton candy

A team of researchers led by California State University’s Professor Patrick Krug has discovered three cryptic new species of sea slugs, and named one of them after former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Marine Biologists Discover Three New Species of Sea Slugs