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Kawasaki Z1000 Design Sketch

Car design, vehicle design, transportation design, industrial design and the people behind the products

Electric Motorcycle Route 66  What’s got two bald tires, runs on electricity, and is red and black all over? ZEVS! An elegant futuristic electric motorbike by three fellows, one of whom we’ve had up on Yanko before: Bernhard Ranner. Look and see, see and judge weather this bike performs to your aesthetic and atta-glance logistics standards if you dare.

Electric Motorbike ZEVS by Bernhard Ranner, Anders August Kittilsen, and Rudolf Stefanich

ETRO Agila: The Philippine's Pre-Paid Electric Motorcycle - EVWORLD.COM

Like pre-paid cellphone services around the world, you will buy the Agila electric motorcycle and prepay for both for the rental of the lithium-ion battery and the electricity to charge it.

Concept cars and trucks: Concept vehicle art by Thomas McDowell

Fantastic concept vehicle art by out friend Thomas McDowell. Check out Tom on conceptships. Keywords: concept vehicles by thomas m.

VOLTA Landing Page 2015

Volta Zap Electric Bike is the first purpose built crossover E-bike designed for India; fully powered by lithium battery


BOLT Electric Motorbike

The BOLT concept motorbike is a beautiful combination of the polished and sophisticated features of naked-style sports tourers and the streetfighter stance of supersports.

Awesome new electric motorcycle looks like something out of “Akira”‘s Neo Tokyo | RocketNews24

Three years after we first spied the prototype, the electric motorcycle is finally ready for the road. Production of the radically-designed, handmade motorcycle is limited to a run of only 49 vehicles.


Voxan Wattman - Most Powerful Electric Motorcycle In The World