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Yes, I will do it so I can change "my end"

I wouldn't read the entire book. But I would reading the ending. Because otherwise I've spoiled my whole life. Life isn't about the ending, it's more about the journey. And I wouldn't wanna waste time reading it when I'm gonna live!

Good Vibes HERE

Good Vibes HERE (The Good Vibe)

The watches that kept our memories as Timelords were destroyed by the Daleks during the time war. The Doctor may have hidden the Timelords somewhere, but not all of them.<<you are so kind

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you are wonderful, beautiful and special. New Year's resolution is to be more positive.This is something to remember

More like when their lives ended  (while their names and ideas lived on).

Anne Frank and Dr. born in the same year.I think people just do this because Anne Frank died so young, she was only ever alive up until the whereas Martin Luther King Jr.

AH!~ If a boy would come up to me like this... I think I'd die. And marry him. Not necessarily in that order.

To the girl at the table near the back of the library - melts my heart , this is too cute! Can this please happen to me? I would totally go out with this guy!

tick tock goes the clock... I hate this song but love how it says he marries river and then cradles her

tick tock goes the clock. "tick tock goes the clock 'till River kills the Doctor"

And you know what? So was I.<<<<<<< pinned for this comment!

Oh stop it, you

Before I got this I thought it said Fanta-Twig It took me a moment and I realized FANTA-STICK bawhahahaha

OMGOMGOMG John Barrowman is coming back!!!!!!!

Maybe Donna Ran into Cap Jack and remembered the Doctor and hooked up with Jack (have you met them, it'd be awesome). Or River. River meeting Jack would make a bit more sense.

This is my favorite pin because almost the entire comments section is filled with Attack On Titan fans

Funny pictures about Anatomically correct art. Oh, and cool pics about Anatomically correct art. Also, Anatomically correct art.

I fully embrace my bad handwriting! I seriously have such bad handwriting. Sometimes I think too fast and my hand can't keep up so I skip words :/ ~ Embrace your crappy writing ladies !

LOL truth! {anime, manga, otaku, humor, funny, cartoon}

{anime, manga, otaku, humor, cartoons} My son introduced Anime / Manga to me about 10 years ago - and I LOVE THEM!

Only in the editing does it become clear ~

"I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say." - Flannery O'Connor (There are times when this is so true for me. Writing helps me sort organize my thoughts so even I understand them better.

Want this

Psychotic sign makes compelling case against use of paper in rock-paper-scissors.