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Interspecies Friendships - These two have been best buddies since they were 3 months old!

Animal odd couples - dog and alpaca. How sweet! Cattle dog Clarence and an alpaca named Cindy have been beds buds since they were 3 months old. The pair live in 'Alpaca Land' in Goeming, Austria.

Planning for Alpacas - After months of researching and planning for alpacas it is getting close for us to add a few to Our Simple Homestead. http://oursimplehomestead.com #alpacas

Raising Alpacas - How much does it cost?


This picture is so sweet. Just checking in, dog to dog. The beach can really take it out of you. Who can say they feel no compassion?

good spot

Cat and dog cuddling <------ No. Clearly this is a photo of a cat who conquered a dog and is using him as a bed. Because that's what cats do.

ღღ Every dog should have a cat (or is it every cat should have a dog) :-)))

Things I Like Thursday – Cat & Dog Love I have already doted plenty on my own pets, but I feel I still have room for some cat & dog love in the form of pictures. Enjoy this gallery I … Continue reading →