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Traveling with your horse? No problem. xcDogs can watch him/her while you're away!  www.xcDogs.com

Beautiful red chestnut horse running through the Autumn forest with leaves falling and sun shining through. Such a pretty horse picture!

Love these babies

Rare Twin Horses- when my mare& ultrasound showed she was having twins, the vet when in and pinched one of the embryos off so one could survive. Twin horses usually do not go full term and are born too early to survive.

Sweet Percheron mare and foal. I used to have 4 percherons, they were the most loving of all the horses I owned.

Sweet Percheron mare and foal. MOM HORSE: " It's alright my little foal. Black is beautiful too. Yer father was black, so you inherited his genes." FOAL: " Like Levi Strauss?

I wasn’t able to ride for a week and it was the best feeling ever when I finally got back on my pony.

i need to do horseback riding again :'( I miss it sooooo much im dying on the inside

♥ What goes on in the barn, stays in the barn. : )

How great are these two horses sharing a smooch? 😄 So cute!

Ms Icingonthecake - Thoroughbred mare

A badger face marking on a Thoroughbred mare named Ms Icing On The Cake and her foal by Slew City Slew, by wendyu