J. Dixon photograph of White Man Runs Him, a Crow which was the chief of Custer's Seventh Cavalry Indian Scouts during the Battle of Little Big Horn. After reporting to Custer the position of the enemy camp, White Man Runs Him and the other scouts were ordered to the rear of the Army lines, which saved their lives.

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The Scout, Nez Perce  Artist:	Edward Sheriff Curtis

New perce scout Date Created/Published: December Medium: 1 photographic print. Summary: Nez Percé man, seated on horse in a rocky area holding coup stick.

Gardner portrait of (from left to right) Fast Bear, Shotted Tail, John, Long Hair, and Palladay (sitting in the front), at Fort Laramie 1868. Sicangus (Northern Plains Indians)

Photograph (black and white) from an album; portrait of (from left to right) Fast Bear, Shotted Tail, John, Long Hair, and Palladay (sitting in the front);

Chief White Bull, nephew of Sitting Bull

Chief White Bull: 1849 – He was the nephew of Sitting Bull and participated in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Some believe he killed Custer. Prior to becoming a combatant against Custer, White Bull was already an accomplished fighter.

Chief John Two Guns White Calf Profile - His visage was reportedly used along with those of John Big Tree (Seneca) and Iron Tail (Sioux) in James Earl Fraser’s composite design for the nickel.  Notice the chief’s signature in the photo below taken by T.J. Hileman

An impressive portrait of White Calf, Blackfoot Chief John Two Guns. He is one of the most recognizable images of a Native American as an impression of his portrait appears on the Buffalo nickel. The handwriting to the right of card is his own signature.

Native American with character

Native American With Character. I added this to Maori-Aotearoa-NZ because they look like our people, so yeah I will be adding more as I see them.

Quanah Parker

Quanah Parker, son of Comanche Chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker who had been kidnapped at the age of