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James Bama - Young Indian Dancer

James Bama - Young Indian Dancer - Search Gallery One for Native Americans limited edition prints, giclee canvases and original paintings by internationally-known artists

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"The Pawnee" James Bama Western Indian Art Limited Edition Giclee Canvas

james bama art | Pow-wow Singer :¦: By Artist James Bama ...

james bama art | Pow-wow Singer :¦: By Artist James Bama ...

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Roy Benzona - Old Man Wyoming, by James Bama, 1970 …

Sioux Indian by artist James Bama

☆ Contemporary Sioux Indian :¦: By Artist James Bama ☆

James Bama

Great Spirit, grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have walked a mile in his moccasins. —Native American Plains Proverb [Young Plains Indian by James Bama].

Proud American | Lakota painting | James Ayers Studios

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Little Crow

Little Crow Indian - 1907 /Crow people were known for their beadwork and tremendous horsemanship. The woman rode as well as the men. That wasn't the case with most tribes.


Native American Painted Shield w. Bear Warrior by James Little Wounded, Minneconjou/Lakota beautiful.

.Smiles a lot, from Dances with Wolves

N American Indians . The proud Indian people, who had inhabited their land for centuries were not welcomed by most of the settlers . Who saw the land as theirs for the taking. Rick Mora -Yaqui and Apache