Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis. As it launched its plume cast a shadow that lined up with the moon.

Space Shuttle Plume Shadow Points to the Moon - from Astronomy Picture of the Day, 27 November 2011

Celine Desrumaux - apollo (778×778)

not much was tv worthy in the classroom. but we did get to watch the rockets taking off

Space shuttle take off. View from International Space Station.

Rocket Launch photographed from space, tilt-shift photography

Atlantis Exhaust Plume Seen from Plane Window

The launch plume of the space shuttle Atlantis towers over the Florida coast as seen from a NASA Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA) on July Despite fears of bad weather, Atlantis lifted off almost on schedule for the final space shuttle mission.

Final NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch

Lessons from the space shuttle on reaching your goals, finding your purpose and getting started.

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↠ISS imagery: silhouette of Space Shuttle Endeavour prior to rendezvous and docking operations with the ISS, 9 Feb 2020

thedemon-hauntedworld: “ STS-31 lifts off, carrying Hubble into orbit. Credit: NASA ”

THE mission for the shuttle. To me, this one mission justified the whole program. lifts off in 1990 years ago), carrying the Hubble Space Telescope

Space Shuttle Launches

In this dated April 1990 filed photo shows the Shuttle Discovery lifts off launch pad, carrying a crew of five and the Hubble Space Telescope

Last one. Enough said... *tear*

The space shuttle Atlantis' final launch was captured in spectacular aerial photos taken from the window of NASA's Shuttle Training Aircraft.

October 7, 2002: Space Shuttle Atlantis launches on STS-112, an International Space Station assembly mission. (NASA photo)

launch October 2002 - Space Shuttle Atlantis - assembly flight to the International Space Station. Photo taken by a pad tracking camera (Pad