Atelier broderie aux rubans - Salon Tendances Créatives Marseille

(translated) I hope you like it, because I'm fully on mushrooms right now, but this is not the season she said, this is the season of almond blossoms ~By - Nathalie Locquen for Bastidane


Beehive Pincushion wrapped cording with applique flowers fiberluscious: Gallery

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Beautiful Pincushion!!

Une année à broder

Pat: I could use those leftover premade satin roses instead of ribbon embroidery!

Here are some of the works I am most proud of. For a more complete gallery, go to my Flicker Photostream  (shown on the bottom of this page)...

fiberluscious: Gallery - Pincushions, embroidered and beaded pincushions, needlebooks.


fiberluscious: Gallery great photos of pin keeps and wonderful embroidery