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The Man Who Knew Too Much - Doris Day in the dramatic "Que Sera Sera" scene.

Doris Day, The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1956 -- This scene is just incredible. The amount of emotion in Doris Day's voice perfectly embodies the trauma her character faced during the story.

Doris Day ...

Doris from "Love Me or Leave Me" Doris Day is a torch singer in this movie with a sad ill fated love.

Big Bang Theory

"I couldn't of done it without my two favorite girls: Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray" - Raj, Amy, Bernadette and Penny ((Sheldon's face is priceless!

1956 - Doris Day in 'The Man That Knew Too Much' - she was one of Hitchcock's muses (also with Jimmy Stewart)

Alfred Hitchcock's 10 Hottest MusesDoris Day

Pillow Talk - Diesen Film könnte ich immer wieder sehen (obwohl ich die Dialoge schon fast mitsprechen kann)

Leann Cherry: Doris and Rock - you are the perfect couple. This is in Pillow Talk 1959 My favorite scene is when Doris decorates Rock's apartment with the most tacky style, as a means of revenge.