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I had hoped they would include the NEW ORLEANS-class with this.

United Federation of Planets ship classes, Star Trek

USS Madrid - TOS Miranda by davemetlesits

Starfleet sends out three vessels to boldly go where no man has gone before. Abbé by Churchill by Anarion Laevatein by Madkoifish (scanline re-texture by me)

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Soyuz Class, USS Bozeman, - variation on the classic "Miranda" series starships.

Starfleet ships : Photo

November: Romulan War, by A new type of Romulan bird-of-prey engages three pod-launching Daedalus-class starships, including USS Archon and USS Essex, during the Romulan War.

Star Trek: The Original Series by ~Walker82 on deviantART - a day in the life of captain kirk

The newest in my Star Trek photo comic series. This time it's up to Kirk & Co! The people who did read my other comics know which "mystery" characte. Star Trek: The Original Series

IAV-106 ortho by unusualsuspex on deviantART

Fan produced design - currently no stats. - Design by Kris Trigwell, model by ortho

NV-26 Nova

NV class on Warp Speed commission for Rendered in Max 10 Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7 Warp Effect by me NV class by Mike Wright Like my Star Trek Artworks?

New Romulan ship!

Star Trek Online ships veteran rewards to Romulans

Kyushu, Battle of Wolf 359 by ~okan1701 on deviantART

The USS Saratoga and USS Kyushu meet their fates at Wolf 359 x : StarshipPorn

Star Trek Science

The Science Behind Star Trek Technology [Infographic]Bit Rebels