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Bahahaha seriously cannot stop reading and laughing at this Bailey every time I go home.

Dear Dad, Feb 12-24th I will be in Hong Kong. Here are 2 DVDs of Taken. If I get kidnapped, follow Liam Neeson's lead. Love Sarah

See, Dad? She totally knows how to travel safely. Worried about telling her overprotective dad her plans to travel to Hong Kong, Sarah decided to let him know with the only movies that could possibly make him more freaked out.

What skinny feels like...

I've been skinny all my life, and I don't get that quote about nothing tasting better than skinny feels. Skinny feels hungry and cold. All the time.

Nathan Fillion and Joel McHale

Nathan Fillion and Joel McHale

Nathan Fillion and Joel McHale (Community). Well that escalated quickly.but i'd jump Nathan Fillion too!

"Everyone's a hero in their own way. Everyone's got villains they must face. They're not as cool as mine, but folks you know it's fine to know your place." -Captain Hammer

"The hammer is my. So one could go with the Captain Mal hotness or the Rick Castle sly sense of humor. But there's something about that whole Captain Hammer cheesiness that gets me. Well, and the fact he *SINGS!

hahaha I swear to god my brother did something pretty close to this!!

Funny pictures about Bathroom Tune. Oh, and cool pics about Bathroom Tune. Also, Bathroom Tune photos.

Read the comments (something I don't usually suggest doing)! #feminism

When a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you :respect her. Feminist version of a song. Funny lyrics with big meaning.

24 Photos That Are Tragically All True.  -   Misc

24 Photos That Are Tragically All True. - Misc ¤♡¤ hahahahaaaaaaaaa I freaking laughed so hard that I almost choked to death on NOTHING because of that damn adhd-counting sheep-macarena one!

It's alright. The side quests are pretty cool & when you finish the main quest, everything's kind of just boring anyway.

The main quest…

doesn't help that I haven't found a save point anywhere ----- actually this is a pretty accurate life post <-- yep

Ha! I may be slightly screwed with two Dakota Johnson characters, BUT I also have Lizzy Bennet--the one from 'P. & P. & Zombies'!

Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who. I think it is the zombies who are screwed. Sherlock can have the zombie bodies.

Stabler & Benson [Law & Order SVU] You have to say it out loud.... Then you will LOL @Debbie Drury

Stabler & Benson [Law & Order SVU] You have to say it out loud. Then you will LOL Drury