Sofia Loren.. Simply Beautiful..

All my life I have heard: "Sofia? Like Sofia Loren?" Me: (modest as always) just more beautiful :)

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HEADSCARF CHIC: Apparently it's a fashion trend, but to me, it's always been a fashion staple. Here's a look at different ways to wear headscarves.

Sen ve gerizekali, çok bilmiş ailen hakkında tek kelime daha duymak istemiyorum!!! Elinize fırsat geçsin de bize sataşmak için her şeyi denediniz!!! Bok yerine koymuyorum sizi!!!ANNEANNENE SAYGIM VARDI SUSTUM!!!?? PARÇALARIM SİZİ!!! HEPİNİZİ!!

Rome, 1955 by David Chim Seymour on artnet. Browse more artworks David Chim Seymour from Magnum Photos.

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Sophia Loren laughing while exchanging jokes during lunch break on a movie set in Italy, 1961 by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

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look at that face, look at that hair, look at those EYES. this photo tells you everything about why she is an ICON. vintage hair and makeup beautiful Hollywood Icons

Sophia Loren. No idea who the photog was.

SOPHIA LOREN Sophia Loren was the epitome of Hollywood glamour at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955 in this show-stopping ball gown teamed…