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George Harrison and Bob Dylan.

George Harrison and Bob Dylan, the Concert for Bangladesh, Madison Square Garden, 1971 - Photo by Bill Ray.

1971: Classic Rock's Classic Year — George Harrison & Bob Dylan rehearsal, Concert for...

George Harrison and Bob Dylan, Bangladesh, 1971 by Henry Diltz

TRAVELING WILBURYS / HANDLE WITH CARE (1988) -- Check out the "I ♥♥♥ the 80s!! (part 2)" YouTube Playlist --> http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4BAE4D6DE43F0951 #80s #1980s

late George Harrison Jeff Lynne put together the group Traveling Wilburys, made up of George, Jeff, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty the incomparable Roy Orbinson. Song that got the whole thing started - George's penned song 'Handle With Care.

Bob Dylan and George

Bob Dylan and George Harrison - Concert for Bangladesh

The 1970s couple du jour. George Harrison in pattern jacket hand in hand with lover girl Patti Boyd wearing oversized sunhat and mini dress.

George Harrison (in a Granny Takes a Trip jacket) & Pattie Boyd strolling in Chelsea. With her long hair, endless legs and mod style, model Pattie Boyd was the quintessential sixties beauty, and a favourite of Mary Quant.

Smiling Dylan

Bob Dylan - a legend in his own time!

Like the cig hangin next to the harmonica

Bob Dylan * with Cigarette in Harmonica Holder, Philadelphia, 1964 photo Daniel Kramer

All I can do is be me, whoever that is.

Bob Dylan

So true! - Bob Dylan Be Me Classic Rock Music Celebrity Quote Lyric iPhilosophy Poster Print 1616

George Harrison

George Harrison - My favourite Beatle.