The private Orient Express Train (Europe) by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars, via Flickr

The private Orient Express Train (Europe) by Train Chartering Private Rail Cars - dining in style

Anderson Design Group – American National Parks – Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park, Florida: Art Soul Of America Collection. Anderson Design Group, Inc.

One of the many cool signs inside the Hackberry General Store by Alaskan Dude, via Flickr

America's Highway - US Route 66 I kind of like this highway, being born in :) On my bucket list to travel down someday.

Orient Express - It's been almost 25 years since the last time I rode the OE and I'm SO ready for another ride!!!!!!

When you get the chance, read the book "Murder on the Orient Express". The movie is not as good.

Dreaming of Summer Vintage MV Poster

SOON, Panama City Florida will have their own LIGHTHOUSE! (Source: Flyer Goodness: Classic American Travel Posters by the Anderson Design Group)

India travel poster

Ireland vintage travel poster Seriously awesome travel tips you've never thought of. "Vintage" Doctor Who Travel Posters

The height of the Orient Express' fabled luxury was probably in the 1930s,PBS travel guide Rick Steves tells NPR's Scott Simon.

Shades of the Orient Express . it's all old-fashioned luxury in the State Car. I stayed in a car exactly like this but it was at a hotel that was a railway car.