"Supper" by Phoebe Wahl

phoebewahl: “ My new piece for Taproot magazine’s autumn 2013 issue GATHER “Supper” , watercolor, collage & colored pencil. Phoebe Wahl 2013 Thank you to editor Amanda Blake Soule & AD Jason Miller !

Oh, so homesick for the Pacific Northwest!

Illustration by Phoebe Wahl for "Scent Memory" in Taproot Magazine, BREATHE.(not a direct link)


phoebewahl: ““Picnic” Phoebe Wahl Watercolor, collage, colored pencil on canvas. This piece will be part of the show “Threads” at Smith & Vallee Gallery in Edison, WA. Which opens this Saturday,.

By artist Phoebe Wahl something very North European about her work

Phoebe Wahl

phoebewahl: “Spring Singers, created for the Taproot 2015 calendar.

Jacques and Lise Unfolding Birth Announcements pop-up baby cards! I guess I will Order a bunch of these.

Sweet Birth Cards Cleverly Open Up to Reveal Baby's Arrival

Jacques and Lise have created a series of adorable, unfolding birth announcement cards that put a playful spin on the traditional greeting card.