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Sebastian Stan

My edit of Mr Stan at the premier of Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

ahh baby! he looks good in blue...or...any colour | follow thnksfrthbecca on Pinterest

I say this because seeing someone else laugh with pure joy in their face can brighten someone else day. So enjoy A Stan's Full Gif of Joy

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I like how the poor lady next to him is almost always cut out. Lol

Upcoming Funko Pops : My Chemical Romance

Jan Funko told the world that in honor of the bands 15 year anniversary that they will be releasing My Chemical Romance Pops. They will be added to the Pop!

I want this job<< hahahahaha! I'm going to school for this job! (Well I haven't decided yet but that's what I'm looking at)

How do people randomly run into celebrities? Like casually buying their groceries or walking down the street and then "ayy oops isn't that Seb Stan?

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Stucky and friends → Avengers - Sebastians hair appreciation

Bucky's mouth fell open and he smiled bigger than she'd seen him smile since their wedding.