Maximilien Luce (Parijs 1858 - + 1941) painter,lithograaf and anarchist.Friend of Paul Signac

Maximilien Luce (Parijs 1858 - + 1941) painter,lithograaf and anarchist.Friend of Paul Signac

P.M.Monsted painting

"View of Fredensborg with children on a path in the woods" By Peder Mørk Mønsted (Peter Mork Monsted), from Denmark - - oil on canvas; 41 x 24 cm - He was a Danish realist painter


Flowers By The Fence by Ukrainian artist Kateryna Bilokur The original is located at the Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art Museum.

Willard Metcalf - The Poppy Field (c.1886)

~ "The Poppy Field" by Willard Metcalf, aka Willard Leroy Metcalf American Artist who studied at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston .

Elizabeth Adela Forbes - The Leaf

"The Leaf" - Elizabeth Adela Stanhope Forbes (Canadian, oil painting {figurative artist female in red sitting in forest by pond painting Tranquil !

The Garden of Roses Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Conversation in a Rose Garden 1876 - Pierre Auguste Renoir. I remember writing a report on Renoir as a child. This past July in Paris it was amazing seeing some of his art in real life.

Benson, Frank Weston - Sunlight, 1909. Professional Artist is the foremost business magazine for visual artists. Visit

Frank Weston Benson, "Sunlight," Indianapolis Museum of Art, John Herron Fund. The return of Frank Weston Benson’s Sunlight to the IMA’s American

birdsong217:  Sydney Long (Australian, 1871-1955) Pastoral Idyll, c.1908. Oil on wood panel.

Landscape Painting by Australian Artist Sydney Long - The blue sky balances out the expanse of green grass. The diagonal that the trees are placed at balances the slope of the ground.


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