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Amazing Carlsberg beer commercial - astronaut drinking Carlsberg beer on the Moon. Picture that!

Moon Sand                                                                                                                                                     More

D.I.Y. Moon Sand (or Cloud Dough)

Moon Sand or Cloud Dough for VBS sensory bay room

Kenneth was walking around the castle, no place in mind when he comes upon this room and he pushed open the door all the way. "Wow." He gasps pulling his sleeve back down as he enters the room. (Open)

The DIY Romantic Star Projector

Astrostar Astro Star Laser Projector Cosmos Light Lamp Light Child Xmas Gift New

I like this poster for center choice. The students put a clothespin with their name on it on one of the dots, when all of the dots for a center are full they need to make another choice. Saves space and is neat and tidy, Love it!

Home Away From Home

Free Choice Centers - Students place a clothespin which has their name written on it on a dot by the center they want to go to. When the dots are full, then that center is full.

Fitted Crib Sheet - Outer Space Charcoal

Fitted Crib Sheet - Outer Space Charcoal

Fitted Crib Sheet - Outer Space Charcoal I'd like to find something like this in a Twin size

Moon Phase Flip book: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/education/space_days/activities/moon/documents/Moon_Phases_Flip_Book.pdf

Lunar calendar for 2018 with the moon phases. The phases between 1960 and 2040 can be displayed.


21 Breathtaking Images Of Moon That Will Make You Think If It's Real Or Not

It's a nebula star planet stuff.

Make yourself into a constellation... I would have all the kids do this and then hang them up to make our own starry sky!  I would definitely use some glitter.  This is a fantastic illustration for God's Promise to Abraham using the stars in the sky to demonstrate the number of people that will follow.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: August if i were a constellation?

Glitter lips tutorial-All you need to do is put on whatever shade of lipstick you'd like as a base (I recommend chapstick underneath), then use a cotton swab dampened with water to dip into the glitter and dab onto the lips until they're covered. That comes straight from the make up guy who did Hedwig and the Angry Inch :)    little crazy but i love it

Glitter lips tutorial

use a cotton swab dampened with water to dip into the glitter and dab over lipstick until covered. (Looks like black lipstick, purple/blue glitter)

photos of Mars, the Red Planet....

8 Breathtaking photos of Mars (Pic)

Boy's Star Wars Room..I think I love the outer space edging best but its all cool =^_^=

Piccadilly Peddlers: Boy's Star Wars Room If I have a son this WILL be his bedroom!

outer+space+theme+bedroom+decorating+kids+rooms-outer+space+theme+bedroom+decorating+kids+rooms.jpg 504×690 pixels

Space Themed Bedroom ~ If you’re trying to find an enjoyable style to integrate right into your kid’s room, attempt a space-themed room. Any type of child that loves space, .

moon sand and glow in the dark stars for space sensory tub. Might need to get some of those space toys!

Space sensory tub, I like the idea of themed sensory tubs. For kids who have trouble with play skills, it gives their imaginations a starting point and makes the experience more meaningful.

With the recent hype of the studying of our “ex-planet” Pluto, there has been a lot of talk of all things outer space.  If you’d like to teach your kids a little more about the so…

7 Crafts To Help Teach Your Kids About Outer Space

Solar System 101 Planet Facts Earth, Moon, & Sun Game Space Facts Our Solar System Planetary Puzzles Solar System

looks like the rocket is made out of 3 trash cans... how cool is this!!!! :D

VBS space ship using grey trash cans and poster board!

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PLANETS: Just give me 30 minutes of your time to finish the video.