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Neat video to show elementary (or any age even up to High School!) students when introducing color mixing. Depending on age, also talk about stop motion animation and how it was made! Music video by OK Go, idea shared by @Arts & Activities Magazine

My favorite color theory song and video! Three Primary Colors: OK Go and Sesame Street Explain Basic Color Theory in Stop-Motion

Fingerpainting the Moon: self portrait project | Blog (Contemplating the Moon)

Mixed Media Self Portrait. Oil pastel and watercolor wash, artistic photograph, and poem. Children did the backgrounds, came up with words that described them and added it on top on canvas boards. Big wow factor for the parents. What an awesome idea!

Easter Art Project Idea... Super Simple, Yet Stunning!   Mrs. Ehles Kindergarten Connections BLOG

Ehle's Kindergarten Connections: Highlights From My Week. Paint background with bright watercolors. Then cut out black silhouettes of the hill and crosses and glue to the background.

Jim Dine inspired art project I did with my 1st grade class for Valentine's Day.

I came up with this project for my grade students. This art is inspired by the American pop artist, Jim Dine (b. We viewed a few examples of similar heart paintings of his, and then re…