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The Intense Art Of Sneaking A Tampon Into The Office Bathroom

Abramovic and Ulay .for a thriller of a piece called “Rest Energy” they faced each other and together held a large bow and arrow. Abramovic grasped the bow while Mr. Laysiepen pulled the string taut, aiming the arrow at her heart.

During the 70s and 80s performance artist Marina Abramovic engaged in an intense artistic and romantic relationship with fellow performance ...

The Dramatic Reunion of Performance Artists Marina Abramovic & Ulay

Marina Abramović e Ulay - MoMA 2010 Former Love Surprises Artist at Her MoMa Retrospective After Decades Apart

Marina Abramovic, "The Artist Is Present", 2010 #performance #Art

마리나 아브라모비치 <작가가 여기에 있다> Marina Abramovic - The Artist Is Present - 2010 - Ik vind dit interessant, omdat het op een hele pure manier de emotie toont. De fotograaf is recht voor de mensen gaan zitten en komt letterlijk heel dichtbij de emotie.

Marina Abramovic, .exposing humanity. I just looked this up and it is true.. sad and true.

Marina Abramovic

and frightening. - I don't classify her stunt as 'art', but I find this reveals the sad truth of human nature. Anyone who says humans are basically good should read this.

Portrait with Scorpion, Marina Abramovic (2005).

Marina Abramovic / "Portrait with Scorpion" / 2005 / Photography / Her work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present, 2012 (dir. Matthew...

Marina Abramovic, The Artist is Present MoMA 5 I cry every single time I watch the video of this performance.

Marina Abramović. Absolute star. Need to get a bit more creative with my modelling.

The dA-Zed guide to Marina Abramović

Marina Abramovic/Ulay,2010. The Artist is Present, durante 716 horas con 30 minutos sentada en silencio, una mesa de por medio. Las personas se sentaban frente a ella y sostenian la mirada por unos minutos, todo esto se grabó para el documental con el mismo nombre, pero el día de la inauguración alguien inesperado tomó el asiento, Ulay, 23 años después estaban juntos de nuevo realizando un performance el estremecimiento de Marina al verlo es evidente, y fue con el único con el que tuvo…

Marina Abramović and Ulay Meet: The Artist is Present with Video