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The Cosmetics Counter.

Interior of Biba store, Derry & Toms building, Kensington-would jump off the bus on the way home from school to buy their musk or nail polish or lipstick!

Oppulent mirrored Biba make up packaging display with marabou feathers. #TBT: How Biba Shaped the Way We Shop Today

#TBT: How Biba Shaped the Way We Shop Today

One of the four tester ends of the black-glass & pink-mirror cruciform cosmetic unit; in the early mornings these areas were a mass of girls applying their make-up on their way to the Kensington High Street tube station.

Biba scan

(Biba poster, photo by James Wedge) No, not clothes, interiors! I have just finished devouring two books on the iconic shop Biba.