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Cuando te cansas de cargar un equipaje tan pesado y sentimientos inútiles...

closed my eyes and asked a favor to the wind: take everything that is not necessary. I'm tired of heavy luggage that will not let me move. From now on, I just want to take what fits in my pocket and in my heart.


pues si, pero, si no quieres =/ que le vamo a hacer?

Peligrosa la mujer que actúa como dama y piensa como hombre

Dangerous is the woman who acts as a lady and thinks like a man.

I feel like this some days...

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Y tu fuiste mi amado Guerrero mi amado Angel siempre te llevare en mi corazón mi vida te amo Adolfo yanes

Nunca quise un príncipe azul, siempre soñé con un guerrero que peleara junto a…

Hay que tenerle miedo al miedo!

wow that's deep."fear is the most difficult emotion to deal with. With pain we cry, with anger, we yell, but fear quietly attacks your heart"

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