A Creative Operation: A fun find for my ARC planner!

I was at my local scrapbooking store and found these awesome little calendar cards for My brain got all excited and I got an idea….

meal planner idea color coded to make the shopping list easier

Could use the side bar on my planner and color code the meals and ingredients.love this meal planner - weekly with shopping list - I like her color coding ingredients

DIY Shaker Card for your planner! Full tutorial on http://fellybee.com

DIY Glam Perfume Planner Shaker Card Tutorial

plum paper planner in an arc discbound system notebook

Paper Plum + the ARC system.A match made in heaven? She requested the Paper Plum planner come unbound.

discbound system models ideas bullet - Google Search

(Consider trying layout) A Creative Operation. Great website for ARC users. But, the ideas are great for all planners.

A Creative Operation: ARC Disc Planner Update and a COOL TRICK!

This post is to "update" you on what my planner is doing lately, and at the end of the post is a cool trick I found by happenstance and I w.